VigRX Penis Erection Oil Review

VigRX Penis Erection Oil


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  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • It intensifies orgasms and sexual pleasure
  • Works in less than a minute
  • Non-oral medication, safe and effective
  • Helps curb premature ejaculation
  • Free shipping for USA customers
  • Can be used as sex-lubricant
  • Helps stop erectile dysfunction
  • Condom compatible
  • Stiffer, firmer erections, boosts stamina & sex drive


  • Not available in any retail stores
  • No free shipping to international customers
  • Can only be returned after 60 days and within 67 days

VigRX-Oil-Results Two of the most embarrassing conditions a man could encounter during sexual intercourse are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Research suggests that this condition is actually common, and that around 40% of men will experience erectile dysfunction at least once in their lives.

While many would and could have erections to show that they’re ready to get to business, there are those who, try as they might, can’t seem to get the penis stiff and erect properly. While this could be the result of psychological trauma, surgery, or a bad lifestyle, cases of erectile dysfunction are enough for companies all over the world to start creating their own solutions to the problem.

As a man grows older, it becomes harder and harder (forgive the pun) to get or maintain an erection. This is also the case with men who have anxieties over their bedroom performance or men who drink or smoke too much.

From pills to injections to gels and creams, there are a lot of products out there that claim that they aid a man in getting stiffer, firmer, and bigger erections so that they can maximize the pleasure when they’re feeling in the mood.

But since research has shown that there are some pills whose ingredients could be a hazard to some men’s health, many are turning to external applications such as creams, gels, and oil to help them get the job done. One of the best-selling products is Vigrx Erection oil for erectile dysfunction.

VigRx Male Enhancement Oil Benefits

In many VigRX Oil review articles, it is mentioned that this male enhancement oil is made by a reputable company known for their other successful male enhancement products. Their researchers and chemists take time to painstakingly create the right mix to help a man get the erection that he wants to have.

The company claims that Vigrx male enhancement oil has a number of benefits which include:
PE reviews It’s condom compatible
PE reviews It’s easy to wash off because it’s water based
PE reviews It intensifies orgasms and sexual pleasure
PE reviews No feelings of stickiness or greasiness
PE reviews Helps curb premature ejaculation
PE reviews Helps in giving a man stiffer and firmer erections
PE reviews Boosts a man’s stamina and his sex drive
PE reviews No negative side effects
PE reviews Aside from these, the ingredients within the oil are also guaranteed to quickly seep into the erectile tissues so that the effects will be seen and felt immediately.

All a man has to do is apply the oil and wait for a few moments before doing his business.

vigrx oil for male enhancement

VigRx Penis Erection Oil Ingredients

Like other male enhancement products, Vigrx male enhancement oil uses Panax ginseng, which has been long believed to be a potent aphrodisiac and gives a man strength during sexual intercourse.

While most would rely on the ginseng alone to help with erectile dysfunction, the oil also uses other herbal ingredients that have been tried and tested to also be very effective aphrodisiacs.

The most notable ingredients are:

    • Gingko Biloba leaf – this plant helps in blood circulation and helps the blood vessels in the penis to accommodate more blood, thus giving a man a bigger and firmer erection.
    • Muira Pauma Bark – helps with a man’s stamina and his sex drive.
    • Epimedium – known by its other name of “horny goat weed”, it’s been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. It’s been known to help prevent premature ejaculation, boost a man’s libido, and gives him better erections.
    • Hawthorn berry – also helps in blood circulation.
    • Cuscuta seed – improves sperm quality and helps in treating a man’s erectile dysfunction by further stimulating the penis.
    • Catuaba bark – also known for its anti-bacterial qualities, Catuaba bark also enhances a man’s libido.

Other ingredients that were found in Vigrx male enhancement oil were aloe vera, purified water, shea butter, Vitamin C, L-Arginine, Olive Squalene, and Vegetable Glycerin. All these ingredients have been tested to give the maximum results and don’t need a doctor’s prescription.
Because of the amount of aphrodisiacs mixed in with the other ingredients, a question that has always been raised is “Does Vigrx oil work”?

Based on the return reviews of those who have tried the product, the promised benefits are delivered and are effective in improving their sexual performance. The ingredients were mixed in such a way that the erectile tissues will quickly absorb them – the company claims that 95% of the ingredients are transmitted into the bloodstream immediately, as opposed to pills and tablets (only 5-10% of ingredients are absorbed after passing through the digestive system).

Other Vigrx Penis Erection Oil Pros

The pros of using Vigrx male enhancement oil, aside from the benefits that have already been stated above are:
PE reviews All organic and natural ingredient, so there are no health hazards or side effects.
PE reviews There is a 67-day money back guarantee from the company
PE reviews There are bulk packages which a customer could order from.
PE reviews Free shipping for those within the country.
PE reviews Package delivery is very discreet (no clues of the contents of the package are indicated on the box).

vigrx oil review There are only a couple of downsides when a man is considering getting himself Vigrx male enhancement oil. The first is that the product is not available in any retail stores. The only way a man can order himself a bottle of Vigrx male enhancement oil is to order online through online male enhancement stores or through the company’s website.

The second is that the company does not offer free shipping to international customers. So, if a man outside the country wants to have a bottle, then he needs to pay for shipping on top of the $399.95 he needs to spend for the 12-month package ($349.80 for the 10-month package and $209.80 for the 6-month package).

Despite these downsides, tests have been proven that the product is as effective as the company claims, so if any man need to have some help before doing any sexual activity (or if he just needs lubricant, as the product also works well as such), then Vigrx male enhancement oil is one of the leading products that he could buy.

Most VigRX reviews have stated that sex has never been more fun when they started using the oil, and many have commented that it has improved their overall health and their sexual lifestyle.

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