Prosolution Penis Erection Gel Review

ProSolution Penis Erection Gel


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Ease of Use




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  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • Non-toxic and edibe formula
  • It intensifies orgasms and sexual pleasure
  • Goes to work in seconds
  • Helps curb premature ejaculation
  • Can be used for lubrication
  • Helps stop erectile dysfunction
  • Condom compatible
  • Free Bonuses and penis guides - gifts cards
  • Stiffer, firmer erections, boosts stamina & sex drive


  • Not available in any retail stores
  • No free shipping to international customers
  • Can only be returned after 60 days and within 67 days

prosolution gelel review Erectile dysfunction is a very embarrassing condition which is often characterized by the inability to maintain or even have an erection before or during any sexual activity.

While usually tied in with psychological issues, other causes of erectile dysfunction could be drugs such as depressants (or drugs that contain nicotine), Peyronie’s disease, smoking, surgery, and aging.

Many products have since been made to try to address this problem in the form of medication, surgery, and creams or gels. One of the most popular products used for erectile dysfunction is Viagra. Because Viagra is an oral medication with some side effects (the more serious being heartburn), other men have turned to external applications of male enhancement products. You can find a safer alternative in this ProSolution Erection Gel review.

The company behind the Prosolution male enhancement gel affirms that the key to having a “fuller, thicker, and firmer” erection is how the ingredients within the gel boost a man’s nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps the blood rush to the penis by stimulating the blood flow and helping enlarge the capillaries within it.

This helps the man sustain an erection, last longer in bed, as well as have more intense orgasms. The company also advises that any man intending to use Prosolution male enhancement cream should take care not to take it orally, even though the cream itself is edible.

Prosolution Male Enhancement Cream Top Ingredients

prosolution erection oil review The ingredients found within Prosolution Erection Gel, which helps against erectile dysfunction are all organic, made from herbs that have been used for a variety of different treatments through the centuries.
The key ingredients are listed below:

  • L-Arginine – an amino acid that is responsible for quickly boosting a man’s nitric oxide levels, thus achieving an erection far more quickly.
  • Bearberry extract – normally used in many cosmetic and skin care products, bearberry extract is an astringent that helps keep the skin smooth and healthy. In the case of Prosolution male enhancement cream, it also helps the L-Arginine in increasing the man’s nitric oxide levels and helping him achieve more intense orgasms.
  • Vitamin C – one of the most well-known vitamins that is used in many products spanning medication and cosmetics, Vitamin C has been found to not only be essential in keeping the body healthy, but to also increase libido and give lasting erections.
  • Algae extract – used as an antioxidant, it makes the skin more pliable so that the other ingredients would be absorbed more easily.
  • Mango butter – mangoes have long been regarded as an aphrodisiac, with many believing that it greatly enhances sexual prowess and activity. The mango butter not only draws upon these beliefs, but also acts as a lubricant.
  • Aloe vera – aloe vera has been used many times because of its alleged healing properties and how it keeps the skin healthy. Its function in Prosolution male enhancement cream is not only take care of the sensitive skin of the penis, but to also help in distributing the other ingredients evenly.
  • Menthol – the coolness of the menthol further stimulates the penis, making sure that the erection stays and heightens the pleasure.

Other than the ingredients listed, there are actually no other fillers and harsh chemicals contained in this product. Because of the list of ingredients and the fact that there seems to be no negative side effects, one of the big questions that men still ask is “Does Prosolution Erection gel work?”

Does Prosolution Erection Gel work – Benefits?

prosolution erection cream review According to the reviews submitted by product users, it works splendidly. Any benefits? Many have reported that Prosolution male enhancement cream gives stiffer and firmer erections, greater stamina, and greater pleasure for both parties.

It also works fast – all a man has to do is rub the gel over the penis and he will begin to get an erection immediately. Some have also reported that the cream gives them faster recovery times, which means that they could go through several sessions of intense lovemaking without tiring out.

An individual also does not need a prescription when buying the product, as none of the ingredients used are in any way harmful or could negatively impact any of the systems in the body.

Some have also reported that the effects of the prosolution penis erection cream improve within three weeks of using it, leading to better performance. It is important to note that not everyone will have the same results, however, and the effects vary from person to person.

Other benefits that a buyer will have is that the cream does not leave the feeling of stickiness once applied, and could be used as a lubricant even though the man is not suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is also sold at a flat $49.95 rate for a month’s supply. Howbeit, you make huge savings on bulk packages.

Prosolution Gel Benefits The company also includes free shipping and gifts for buyers, which could be a gift card, pills, and a membership to an erection maintenance site (the site helps men with control and stamina, as well as giving tips on how to lengthen their penis).

However, there are a few drawbacks concerning the product, though insignificant. One is that it is not available in retail stores anywhere and can only be bought online. An individual can only find Prosolution male enhancement cream in online stores and the company’s product website itself.

A few customers who have purchased Prosolution Gel have stated that they were put off by the distinct smell of this gel(Though most have stated otherwise).

Since mango butter is a key ingredient in this product, the gel gives the scent of ripe mangoes. However, it is not a very bad smell and you don’t need to worry about it too much as others also love the small. To me, it smells a bit minty, which i love.

This could depend from person to person and their sense of smell. Another is that a person can only return the product after 60 days, despite the guarantee expiring after the 67th day. This makes it easy to forget the window to return the product and get a refund.


The product has been deemed effective, easy and safe to use. This is good if a person has allergies towards ginseng (which is an ingredient in many other male enhancement products) and does not want to take a male enhancement drug orally.

This is an exceptionally good product to try if you don’t react well to ginseng, as it relies on L-Arginine and not ginseng as its active ingredient. This is in fact one of the only natural male enhancement products on the market that hasn’t made ginseng central to its strategy.

It is recognised as one of the best if not the best male enhancement cream to treat erectile function out there. With the added freebies that a person could get along with their package, he could be set up with a more pleasurable time in the bedroom.

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