Jes Extender Male Enhancement Review

Jes Extender Review








Money-Back Guarantee


Speed of Results






Customer support




Ease of Use



  • Extensive experience in male enhancement
  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical
  • Clinically tested - Medical Device Type 1
  • Double money-back guarantee
  • Very Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Detailed Instructions to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe to Use


  • A bit expensive
  • Available online only
  • May require regular use or take longer to enlarge the penis

Jes-extender review Jes Extender is touted by many consumers and critics as the best male enhancement product in the market today, although some people argue that the acknowledgement is more like a privilege of brand seniority.

It is indeed recognized as the first ever penis extender approved and released for commercial purposes, but it is more than an original product of its kind.

Jes Extender has different features from other penis extenders. However, these features only make it different in terms of product quality, ease of use, comfort, and convenience.

All penis extenders follow the same principle, which is to stretch and straighten the penis over a span of several weeks. This process of natural enlargement is called cytokinesis.

Cytokinesis happens when the penis is forcibly stretched after being fastened to the device for several hours a day. The stretching results in tears in the the tissue that are too small to be seen by the naked eye, but fret not as these tears do not pose any danger or pain at all.

As the tears heal, new cells regenerate, which results in tissue expansion. That expansion can be gauged by measuring the length and girth of the penis.

Any penis enlarger of this type uses the same principle of cytokinesis to prove their effectiveness. Hence, it is more worthwhile to discuss Jes Extender’s effectiveness in stretching the penis as well as all of its specifications.

This Jes Extender review focuses on this brand’s specifications to help you see how well or poorly it fares against other brands of penis enlargement products.

Jes-Extender Application

jesextender penis device review Jes Extender has two main components: the fastening points attached to the penis and the rods (also called bars) that extend the length of the device, extending the attached flaccid penis in the process. These components come in different names and materials, so do not be confused.

As for the standard version of the Jes Extender, the basal ring attached to the base of the penis is made of rubber while the strap attached under the glans (head of the penis) is made of silicone.

Silicone is a better material than rubber as it reduces chances of slippage when the glans shrinks. Users also have the choice to use a silicon tube wrapped in a Velcro strap as an alternative.

The elongation bars are adjusted increasingly from time to time until the maximum length is achieved. This is usually done over a span of 6 to 12 months, possibly even longer.

The manufacturer strongly suggests first-time users to wear it for no more than an hour every day for the first month. It can be gradually increased up to six hours after that period, though the length of time actually depends on a person’s comfort level.

Many users who have been using Jes Extender for more than six months are already able to wear the device for up to 12 hours a day, and even as they sleep.

How Effective is JesExtender Penile Device?

jesextender penile device review Jes Extender has already been proven effective in clinical trials. In fact, it has FDA approval as well as a certification for post-surgical and non-surgical use.

It is a Class 1 medical device, which means that the medical community has validated its effectiveness and guaranteed safety for the user.

One prominent study by a University of Turin expert has confirmed a one-inch increase in length after six months of use. This study was published in the British Journal of Urology.

Another systematic but unpublished study found that men who used Jes Extender for at least 26 weeks have enjoyed an average of 28% increase in length. It means that a man with a six-inch erected penis is likely to achieve an additional 1.68 inches after six months.

Nevertheless, results vary from person to person as men also have different penis sizes, cellular health, and ways of wearing the device.

The Penis Extender Device Features

Jes-Extender Review Jes Extender boasts of a slippage-proof design to ensure that the penis stays fastened to the device until it is taken off. The silicone material used for the fastener is far more comfortable than rubber and more effective in keeping the glans in place.

If that is not comfortable enough, you can still change it to the silicone tube, which is more flexible and softer yet wider. This tube is held in place by a Velcro strap that is very easy to use.

The package comes with a lot of spare parts just in case you have to replace the fasteners, rods, and steel attachments. It also comes with different keys for replacing parts and a comprehensive DVD manual to help you get started.


  • Extensive experience in male enhancement – Jes Extender is usually called the best penis extender as it has been in the market since 1995—longer than any brand today. With experience come a lot of research, product development, and clinical trials to ensure effectiveness and the safety of users.
  • Unparalleled comfort – No brand beats Jes Extender when it comes to comfort and ease of use. The penis is well-protected against bruising, thanks to the device’s soft materials and ergonomic design.
  • Effectiveness – Although the same clinical trials are usually referred to by different brands, most of the existing data today have actually been conducted by Jes Extender researchers themselves. It means that although penis extenders follow the same principle, Jes Extender in particular has often been the brand used for these trials with promising results.
    Also, results are permanent, so men can enjoy their enhanced manhood even after they have ceased using the product.
  • Double money-back guarantee – Jes Extender does not only promise to return the money of unsatisfied customers; they promise to double it! The guarantee is also valid for a whole year, so customers have a lot of time to see the results for themselves.


  • Inconvenient principles – As the principle behind it is penis stretching, you have to wear it for several hours a day eventually. This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially when you have to go outside and remain active for the day.
  • Long waiting – You need to wait for at least six months before you experience any visible results. That is a very long time even by the standards of male enhancement products. Nevertheless, do not forget that the long waiting leads to permanent results.
  • Cost – Jes Extender has six versions: Light, Original Standard Comfort, Titanium, Silver Standard, Gold Standard, and Platinum. The most affordable in the range—the Light version—is sold for more than $230. The most expensive—the Platinum version—is sold for a whopping $1,399. Even the most affordable Jes Extender is still more expensive than similar products of other brands. In fact, you can find a lot of other penis extenders sold for just over $100.

Jes Extender Penis Enlargement is one of the most commendable penis extenders today. It really lives up to its reputation and is worth considering before any brand out there.

Jes Extender—or penis extenders in general, for that matter—is not the most comfortable male enhancement method that you can try, nor is it the one that guarantees positive results in the shortest possible time. Nevertheless, it delivers the most satisfying permanent results you can ever ask for.

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