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Phallosan forte Review








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Speed of Results






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  • Can be purchased with Health Insurance
  • Available in some Pharmacies
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very comfortable - can be worn all day/night
  • Can be used whiles sleeping
  • Helps enlarge penis - Length and Girth
  • Treats peyronies, ED & premature ejaculation
  • Clinically tested - Medical Device Type 1
  • Only device to combine both vacuuming pump & penis extender technologies


  • Two(2) weeks money-back quarantee
  • A bit pricey

Phallosan forte fda approved product A great part of a man’s pride is comprised of his virility—both how he performs and how he looks (though many would argue that size is directly proportional to performance).

That said, man has searched for—and found—a wide array of techniques especially meant to increase penile length, girth, and hardness.

From ancient techniques to modern penis pumps, jelqing and clamping to outright surgery, options are varied and colorful. But every now and then, there comes a new and novel approach to this age-old problem. Enter Phallosan Forte, one of the best, if not the best penis extender product on the market today.

The first question that usually comes into a man’s mind when he hears of a newfangled penis enlarger is “Is it safe?” The skeptic will be glad to hear that the company behind Phallosan has had a track record of 14 years of providing satisfaction to its customers.

There are also batteries of scientific studies and clinical tests to back up customer claims. Phallosan Forte is considered as the crowning gem of these 14 years, what with its intelligent design that provides a comfortable and effective experience.

Phallosan Forte works primarily as a means to extend the penis length. However, it has also been found to help increase girth. Those with Peyronie’s Disease (the infamous “curved penis”) and erectile dysfunction have also reported improvements in their condition.

Then of course, there is the direct result of an increased length and girth—better erection strength and orgasm quality, stemming from the increased blood flow and stimulation.

How Does Phallosan Forte Work?

The Phallosan Forte Kit

The Phallosan Forte Kit contains the device and accessories such as:

PE reviews Measuring tool
PE reviews Protector cap for the penis glans
PE reviews Suction ball
PE reviews Tension clip for the springs
PE reviews Orthopedic belt for the waist
PE reviews Instructional DVD
PE reviews Printed Manual
PE reviews 3 pcs suction bells (S, M, L) that comes with sleeve condoms (1 piece small, 2 pieces medium and 1 piece large).

Phallosan forte awards Like most other products of its kind, Phallosan Forte is worn and it essentially yanks on the penis all day long. But don’t let that description fool you. The product uses progressive tension to provide a pain-free and comfortable experience, allowing some to wear it upwards of 12 hours with minimal discomfort.

The system initially looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. There is a glass bell, a pump, and a tension belt. The penis tip is placed into the little rubber protector cap, which acts like a beanie to prevent discomfort.

Next goes the glass bell condom, with the rubber condom sleeve. Simply roll the sleeve back, put the penis in, then roll the sleeve back over for coverage.

After this has been set up, it’s time to work the bell pump. This will exert a gentle pressure to create a mini vacuum, holding everything firmly and comfortably in place. Finally, the orthopedic belt system is attached to the penis base and around the hips. The other end of the belt goes to the device’s end. This will create a continuous tension which stretches the penis.

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This tension works the fascia of the penis. With it, microscopic tears are formed, which the body will then automatically rebuild. In the process of bridging the gaps caused by these micro-tears, the body lays down more collagen (new tissues) than your tool had before—effectively extending the penis length. This is essentially the same thing that happens when athletes train for muscle gain!

How does Phallosan compare to the competition?

Phallosan- forte alpha males device This is a rule of evolution—any body part, when exposed to the appropriate stimuli, will respond to adapt to said stimuli. When exposed to prolonged tension, for example, that body part evolves by growing to suit the load. This is why Phallosan Forte and many of the best male enhancement products, for that matter—work.

However, the thing that sets Phallosan Forte above the rest is its ease and comfort of use, which allows users to wear that tension for longer periods without discomfort, therefore bringing more pronounced results. Normally, people can last on such devices for only about an hour.

Even vacuum-type devices can cause the user to feel pressure at the base of the penis, limiting its use. However, there are some who have worn the Phallosan Forte for more than 5 hours on end! Simply hook the belt to the other side when any sign of discomfort sets in, and you’re good to go again.

The simplicity of the device is also a great selling point—no fancy or gimmicky parts, no fuss in using it.

Benefits of Using Phallosan Forte Penile Enlargement Device

  • Phallosan Forte is safe to use because it is a non-invasive procedure. The patient does not have to worry about side effects.
  • The Phallosan Forte Curvature Straightening Device is easy to use. You just follow the instructions in the manual or the DVD that comes with the kit.
  • During the clinical trials period with 36 patients, there was this patient that achieved nearly 5 cm after 6 months (which is a wow result). However, the average user gains length of 3.7cm and girth of 1.4 cm after 6 months.
  • It is also easy to maintain – you only need to wash it everyday with warm water and mild detergent soap.
  • It can be worn throughout the day without causing discomfort. The penis fits comfortably and securely in the bell and the cap protects the penis glans.
phallosan forte sleeve condom

Phallosan forte sleeve condom

  • Unlike traditional traction devices, it can also be used while the patient is sleeping, making it a convenient device. This means that a patient can meet the essential hours of stretching – at least 8 hours – to get better results.
  • Continued lengthening of the penis using Phallosan Forte will promote stretching and straightening the curvature. While it is working on correcting the bend caused by plaque, it will also improve the quality of erection and correct any erectile dysfunctions.
  • Available in a number of pharmacies in some European countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Can be purchased with health insurance in Germany
  • You can also do everyday activities even if you are wearing the device. It is quite discreet to wear and it does not cause any discomfort when you are performing movements. Even if you are just working on the computer or doing physical work that may involve bending, the Phallosan Forte Penis Curvature Straightening Device will not hinder your activities. You can drive while wearing the device, although you may feel slight tension – which can be eased by adjusting the suction.
Phallosan Forte Actual Results

Phallosan forte review At the start of this Phalossan Forte review, it was mentioned that clinical studies have been made to ensure the efficiency of the product. The physician-based results consistently show a remarkable improvement of maximum erect penis-size after three months, and a continuous improvement all the way up to six months.

For example, a sample with an average erect phallic length of 4.85 inches grew to an average erect length of 5.3 inches in a quarter. After half a year, this improved further to 5.6 inches.

For flaccid phallic length, a sample group had an average of 3.1 inches which grew to 3.4 inches in three months. Three more months later, there was an even greater gain with the average going up to 3.7 inches. Of course, those who have logged more hours of wear have also logged the most improvements.

Where can I buy Phallosan Forte?

Hands down, Phallosan Forte is the best penis enlargement method available in its price range. However, you should make sure that you buy a genuine product and not a knock-off. Even the slightest change in engineering can cause a difference in the comfort or tension, which can then result in less than optimal results—at the very best.

At worst, it can cause a little damage to the penile tissue. Fortunately, Phallosan Forte is easily available through the product’s official website below.

Technology has left us replete with all sorts of conveniences, all the way up to the finer points of self-improvement. And if you can improve your manhood to boost your ego, why not? Phallosan Forte is one among many of its kind, but it sure leads the pack.

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