Peyronie’s Disease Treatments – Penile Curvature Straightening

peyronies disease treatment The term “Peyronie’s disease” may not in itself conjure any thoughts of morbidity. However, it’s alternate name “Induratio Penis Plastica” – a chronic inflammation in the soft tissues of the penis – gives the disease the impact it deserves.

It affects about 5% of all men, causing anywhere from abnormal curvature, pain, and erectile dysfunction. There is a good news, though – short of surgery, there are some viable ways to cure or treat Peyronie’s disease.

This best Peyronie’s disease treatments review will show you how. There are some FDA approved drugs/medicines like Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum and Pentoxifylline which are prescribed by doctors to help treat penile curvatures.

If the drugs don’t work (and surgery is not an option), there is always a way to attach prosthetics or use penile enhancement devices as curved penis treatments. This is, however, best suited for those with both Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.

In the end, doctors usually want to operate only on patients whose cases are so severe it impedes sexual intercourse.

This means that if you have the condition, you will most likely be a candidate for the mentioned treatments. With the way medicine keeps on advancing, however, it is easy to see how this list could grow in the future.

Best Penile Curvature Straightening Devices for Peyronie’s Disease

Phallosan forte

Jes-Extender Peyronies Device


Phallosan forte review Jes-Extender Peyronies Device review SizeGenetics peyronies treatment review
Product Official Site - Phallosan forte™ Official Site - Jes-Extender Peyronies Device™ Official Site - SizeGenetics Systems™
Company Orbisan Ltd., Germany - The Penis Enlargement Operations Capital of the World Manufactured in Denmark but owned by Permenda Ltd. (UK based company) Manufactured by Jes-Extender in Denmark but owned by Permenda Ltd. (UK based company)
Peyronies Disease Treatment (Corrects Penile Curvature) A+ A B+
Enlarges Penis as well? YES - Length flaccid: 3.7 cm; Girth Flaccid: 1.6 cm During Clinical trials after 180 days with 36 patients YES - 30% in 180 days YES - 30% in 180 days
Clinical Studies
Treats Erectile Dysfunction? A B+ B
Use of Medical silicon (anti alergic) YES Partially No
Available in Pharmacies YES (Available in some Pharmacy Shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland No No
Allergen-free Materials YES No No
Integrated Traction Measurement
International valid patented System
Recommended by Doctors Many Leading Urologists. Experienced by Dr. Steven Morganstern, M.D. Director of Urological Services, Metropolitan Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia) Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. Specialist in General and Plastic Surgery. Has the backing of medical and clinical experts the world over. Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. Specialist in General and Plastic Surgery
Money Back Guarantee 14 days; no questions asked. Also have 2 Years warranty Double money-back guarantee - a straighter penis or double your money back! 6-month guarantee
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Discreet packaging
Ordering Method Selected pharmacies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and some other European countries.Online as well Online, phone, letter or fax only Online, phone, letter or fax only
Paid by health Insurance YES. Can be paid for with health insurance in Germany No No
Customer Support A+ A B+
Using metal telescopes NO
Phallosan forte review Jes-Extender Peyronies Device review SizeGenetics peyronies treatment review
$239 - $1,399
$199.95 - $398.95
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Top Peyronie’s Disease Treatments – Summaries

Phallosan forte review Phallosan forte fda approved product PHALLOSAN FORTE – The Phallosan Forte Device, to correct curvature, stretches the penis with a special condom cap on the glans and elastic sleeves for the shaft. It helps lengthen and straighten the penis with a traction pump force of 0.88 to 6.61 lbs.

It promotes cell growth as it stretches the penis, making it straighter and longer. It is recommended to be worn at least 6-8 hours per day to get faster results within 6 months. It can be used by those with peyronie’s disease.

The Phallosan Forte Curvature Straightening Device is made of medical silicone material which is soft and allergen-free, preventing skin irritation and pain during use. Unlike other penis enhancers that use head straps without protecting the glans, this product uses protective caps to offer more protection to the penis’ head.

It also has silicone sleeves for the shaft and adjustable belt with indicator lights to give information about the current tension force and the recommended settings.

Do take note though, that Phallosan isn’t perfect like some people claim. Since it uses a vacuum pump with the tension localized in the glans penis, there’s always a risk that it might cause a compression injury after use.

Aside from that, much like other vacuum pumps on the market, Phallosan may cause blistering and overstretching of the foreskin – but the incidence is minimal. Also, it might not be comfortable enough to be worn for long hours.

Overall, Phallosan’s idea of stretching the penis in the minimum amount it can be stretched is great for promoting tissue development. Tissue growth and cellular replication translates to a longer and straighter penis, allowing it to hold more blood for stronger erections.

The product’s hypoallergenic material is good for males who are latex sensitive. However, there are still risks for using a traction device with a vacuum pump.
FULL REVIEW HERE – Phallosan forte Review.

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Peyronie’s Device Review jesextender Peyronie’s Device Review JES-EXTENDER PEYRONIES DEVICE – Jes-Extender Peyronies Device, to correct curvature, is specifically designed enhance penile size and also achieve a straighter penis, especially for those suffering from peyronie’s disease.

Aside from claiming to straighten the penis, it’s also supposed to make it longer and thicker. The various six Jes-Extender packages include the head and base noose, head straps, adjustable belt, and the metal rods.

This penis enhancement tool for peyronie’s disease comes with a head noose that has four holes where you can attach the straps according to the direction of the curvature. The silicone noose has a good grip, which in turn prevents slippage or pinching while in use.

It comes with a manual on how to attach the straps and noose according to the bend of the penis, giving you the privilege to adjust them according to your comfort. It also come with a 3D instructional DVD.

The Je-Extender peyronies device comes on the back of hugely successful clinical studies performed with 26 patients. Meaning you have real proof of its success in correcting curvature.

Peyronie’s Curvature Straightening Device has a great design and comes with complementary accessories for correcting penile curvature. The materials used with this device are tested to be safe for about 6-8 hours of use per day.

The noose with multiple attachment holes allows you to attach the straps according to your needs and it is very adjustable, allowing you to control the tension on each side.
FULL REVIEW HERE – Jes-Extender Peyronies Device Review.

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SizeGenetics Peyronie's Device ReviewSizeGenetics Ultimate System ReviewSIZEGENETICS – Sizegenetics Curvature Straightening Device is a penis extender that provides minimal traction to the penis. It helps straighten the penis and also promotes cell growth.

The device has two attachment rings to support the head and the base. It is connected by small rods to keep the penis stretched and straightened. It’s like an exercise or rehabilitative device for the penis, correcting its abnormal curvature over time. This method has been tested and proven clinically safe to relieve peyronie’s disease.

The Sizegenetics penis extender device, to correct curvature, uses a soft plastic rubber strap for the head and the base, making it comfortable to wear for long hours – no pinching or getting the penis loose from the strap. The rubber strap allows a considerable amount of movement and is stable enough for everyday use underneath clothing.

It is easy to remove and wear before and after urination. It can be worn for about 4-8 hours per day without any discomfort and without the need of adjusting the tension. Sizegenetics also sells extra paddings for more security. The extra paddings are recommended for those who are not circumcised to protect the foreskin.

Just like other penis extenders, the use of Sizegenetics comes with a risk of experiencing dull pain. There’s also a chance of compressing the blood vessels, which may lead to ischemic injury.

This common issues associated with straightening devices actually depend on the material used. So, with sizegenetics, these risks are just minimal.
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FULL REVIEW HERE – Sizegenetics for Peyronies Disease Review.

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