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  • Non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical
  • Safe to use
  • Flexible treatment plans
  • Clinically tested - Medical Device Type 1
  • Added supplements to enhance results
  • Easy to use
  • Effective against peyronies
  • Double money-back guarantee
  • Helps enlarge penis - Length and Girth
  • Very Effective


  • A bit expensive
  • Available online only
  • May require regular use

peyronies disease treatment Penile diseases are not really uncommon but sometimes, men just don’t do anything about it. However, some disorders like the Peyronies Disease can cause great discomfort that cannot be ignored. There is a need to consult Jes Extender Peyronies Treatment review articles like this for more information on this matter.

What is Peyronies Disease?

Peyronies Disease is a penile curvature resulting from the build up of fibrous scar tissue, or plaque, under the skin of the penis. The plaque build-up can force the penis to bend either upward, downward, left or right, and this could be occasionally painful. Depending on the severity of the condition, Peyronies Disease can make normal sexual activity difficult, and on the extreme, impossible.

Peyronies Disease Treatment – Curvature Straightening

Most men with Peyronies Disease do not require treatment as the condition is known to get better over time. The discomfort usually resolves on its own and the plaque formation eventually stops. However, a lot of patients have to deal with the bend in their penis and are encouraged to use treatment procedures like the Jes-Extender peyronies treatment device to correct the curvature.

The Jes-Extender Device™

jesextender Peyronies disease treatment review The Jes-Extender™ for Peyronies Disease is a medical type 1 device that is especially designed to help enlarge penile size and also reduce the curve or bend in the penis quickly and make it straighter.

Manufactured in Europe (Denmark), the device uses a proven traction technology to correct all types of penis curvature. The Jes-Extender Device has several components, which include the curvature straightening device and some accessories.

Medical Type 1 Peyronies Traction Device
This unique traction device is visibly of good quality. It comes with 8 rods in various lengths: 2 pieces of 1.25 cm rods, 2 pieces of 2.5 cm rods and 4 pieces of 5 cm rods. An instructional DVD explains the proper way of measuring the penis and determining the number of rods to use.

Perfect Grip System
Grip is important in keeping the penis in place in any Peyronie’s Curvature Straightening Device. With the Perfect Grip System, you can choose the grip that gives you the best fit, traction and comfort. You have a choice between Velcro, Noose or Comfort Strap technology. A maximum of 16 different ways of wearing the device can be made using the Perfect Grip System to achieve zero slippage.

Directional Noose Straightening
The Directional Noose Straightening system provides additional tension to specifically target left or right curvatures. The system can also be used to gradually help straighten a penis that bends up or down.

Multi Head
The Multi Head allows you to choose from 2 types of head the one that allows you to control the direction of the traction (directional noose straightening) more easily. You can place the silicon noose in the holes depending on the direction where you want to put extra tension.

Comfort Kit
This Peyronies Device has comfort foams and latex comfort strips that are designed to ensure ease of regular device use at the maximum amount of time. Incidentally, faster results may be expected with longer use of the Jes-Extender™.

The Jes-Extender Device for Peyronies treatment comes with an elegant luxury box with security lock. This keeps everything discreet and properly stored when not being used. This is highly useful since there are a number of small accessories that used with the device.

3D Instructional DVD in 6 Languaes
A collection of Techniques are demonstrated in an 3D instructional DVD that accompanies the Peyronies Device. These massage techniques can be done to aid curvature straightening, ejaculation control, erection hardness and lengthening.

Jes Extender Peyronies Treatment Plans:

jesextender penis device review The Jes-Extender Peyronies treatment device comes in six treatment plans, the Light, Original Standard Comfort, Titanium, Silver Standard, Gold Standard, and the Platinum version.

It comes with a Box(either Cardboard, Mahogany, Alu Flightbox or Lacquer finish wood case), Basel Unit, Dual function front piece, Silicone Tube, Comfort strap,2 inch/5cm elongation bars, 1 inch/2,5cm elongation bars, Protection pad, 3D Instructional DVD 6 languages, Set of keys, 1/1 inch/1,25cm elongation bars, Cohesive gauze, Softattach, Velcro strap and not less than 1-year money-back guarantee, depending on te version purchased.

Clinical Studies – Jes-Extender Peyronies Device Corrects Curvature

It is estimated 5 % of all men are affected by this Peyronie’s disease, a connective tissue disorder that involves the growth of scar tissue (fibrous plaque) on the penis.

A study was conducted using the Jes-Extender Curvature Straightening Device with 26 males who had been diagnosed as having Peyronie´s disease and were treated accordingly during a 6 month-period. Pressures in the range of 1,200 and 1,500 g were exerted.

Below is the mean values of the assessed parameters before the enrollment, and at 3 and 6 months after treatment was performed.
Peyronies Treatment Table

Studies Conclusion – Curvature Correction

After the 6-month treatment, the plaque disappeared in 7 cases (26.9% of patients) and a marked reduction in the number, size and consistency of the plaque was also noticed in 18 individuals – (69.2%). Further, 13 patients, representing 61.9%, recovered their erectile function and 10 (38.5% of patients) regained their sensitivity in the penis.

The Jes-Extender mechanical traction on the penis has a benign or wholesome effect on the fibrotic plaque that is customarily clinically evident through the decrease of the size and consistency of the plaque, correction of the curvature angle, recovery and also extension of the length and girth of the penis, and the improvement in quality of erections.

Jes-Extender Peyronies Treatment Device – Pros and Cons

The Jes-Extender Peyronies treatment device offers an excellent alternative for the treatment of penis curvature. Nonetheless, just like any form of treatment, it has its own set of pros and cons.


  • Extensive experience in male enhancement – Jes Extender is usually called the best penis extender as it has been in the market since 1995—longer than any brand today. With experience come a lot of research, product development, and clinical trials to ensure effectiveness and the safety of users.
  • Unparalleled comfort – No brand beats Jes Extender when it comes to comfort and ease of use. The penis is well-protected against bruising, thanks to the device’s soft materials and ergonomic design.
  • Effectiveness – Although the same clinical trials are usually referred to by different brands, most of the existing data today have actually been conducted by Jes Extender researchers themselves. It means that although penis extenders follow the same principle, Jes Extender in particular has often been the brand used for these trials with promising results.
    Also, results are permanent, so men can enjoy their enhanced manhood even after they have ceased using the product.
  • Double money-back guarantee – Jes Extender does not only promise to return the money of unsatisfied customers; they promise to double it! The guarantee is also valid for a whole year, so customers have a lot of time to see the results for themselves.


  • Inconvenient principles – As the principle behind it is penis stretching, you have to wear it for several hours a day eventually. This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially when you have to go outside and remain active for the day.
  • Long waiting – You need to wait for at least six months before you experience any visible results. That is a very long time even by the standards of male enhancement products. Nevertheless, do not forget that the long waiting leads to permanent results.
  • Cost – Jes Extender has six versions: Light, Original Standard Comfort, Titanium, Silver Standard, Gold Standard, and Platinum. The most affordable in the range—the Light version—is sold for more than $230. The most expensive—the Platinum version—is sold for a whopping $1,399. Even the most affordable Jes Extender is still more expensive than similar products of other brands. In fact, you can find a lot of other penis extenders sold for just over $100.

Considering Jes-Extender Peyronies Treatment Device review articles out there, it can be said the use of this Peyronies Device is an excellent option to correct curvature, particularly for patients with a mild or moderate bend in their penis.

The device is of good quality and the accessories that go with it offer easy and efficient use of the product.
This is definitely a product that should be on top of the list of those who are seeking relief from the symptoms of Peyronies Disease.

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