Penis Vacuuming Pumps Technology

Penis Enhancement Pump Diagram Male enhancement pumps are some of the most popular penis enlargers.

There are two types in the market: penile hydro pump that uses water to stretch and massage the penis, and the ones that uses the vacuuming pump technology which uses pressure to improve blood flow and to stretch the penis.

This review focuses on the second type, the traditional and usually more affordable one. Penis vacuum pumps are worth considering because they provide instant visible results. You can see your penis really grow bigger in every pump.

The increase in length and girth only lasts for a few hours, but it perfectly suits your need for a harder and firmer penis during intercourse and masturbation. Many manufacturers claim that the increase becomes permanent through regular use, and theoretically, that is really possible.

Let this best penis vacuuming pumps review guide you to the top three choices on the market.

Best Devices with Penis Vacuuming Pump Technology

A comparison table for the 3 top penis vacuuming pumps technology devices that help treat erectile dysfunction. It features:
PE reviews Phallosan forte, a penis enlargement product which combines penis extender and penile pump technologies.
PE reviews Penomet Penis Pump
PE reviews Bathmate Hydro Pump

Phallosan forte

Penomet Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydro Pump

Phallosan forte review Buy Penomet Penis Pump Buy Bathmate Penis Pump
Product Official Site - Phallosan forte Official Site - Penomet Penis Pump Official Site - Bathmate Penis Pump
Company Orbisan Ltd., Germany - The Penis Enlargement Operations Capital of the World UPL Distribution LLC, Switzerland. UM Products Limited, UK.
First Results 14 days 20 minutes 20 minutes
Max Results 180 days 180 days 180 days
Inches Gain Length flaccid: 3.7 cm; Girth Flaccid: 1.6 cm During Clinical trials after 180 days with 36 patients 30% in Girth and Length in 180 days 28% in Girth and Length in 180 days
Clinical Studies
Treats Erectile Dysfunction? A+ A+ B+
Use of Medical silicon (anti alergic) YES Partially No
Available in Pharmacies YES (Available in some Pharmacy Shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland No No
Allergen-free Materials YES No No
Integrated Traction Measurement
Recommended by Doctors Many Leading Urologists. Experienced by Dr. Steven Morganstern, M.D. Director of Urological Services, Metropolitan Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia) Endorsed by many top Urologists Many top Urologists. Listen to Dr. James Barada, MD, a top Urologist from Albany - NY talk about Bathmate here
Money Back Guarantee 14 days; no questions asked. Also have 2 Years warranty 60 days money-back guarantee. 3 Years warranty and 2 years to lifetime warranty on the gaiters 60 days money-back guarantee
Extra Bonuses 4 free sleeves in each package (1x S, 2x M, 1x L) - worth over 100 USD Some free Gaiters Some savings
International Shipping
Shipping Shipping(Express) costs 25 USD Small shipping fee, but are depedent on location. USD 9.95 for USA customers. Other countries may differ
Discreet packaging
Ordering Method Online and selected pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Online only Online only
Paid by health Insurance YES. Can be paid for with health insurance in Germany No No
Permanent Enlargement
Customer Support A+ A A
Using metal telescopes No No No
Phallosan forte review Buy Penomet Penis Pump Buy Bathmate Penis Pump
$127 - $297
$109 - $349
Buy Phallosan forte Buy Penomet Buy Bathmate

Phallosan forte review Phallosan forte fda approved product PHALLOSAN FORTE – Phallosan Forte is not necessarily an out-and-out penis pump. It combines the penis vacuuming pump technology and the traditional penis extender technology to make it a hybrid, unique and the most effective penis enlargement device today.

If you are looking for quality and medically-certified penis enlargement devices, you might want to check out Phallosan Forte.

Phallosan Forte, which includes the penis vacuuming pump technology is noted to help treat erectile dysfunction. It is the only penis enlargement device to use both penis extender and penis pump technologies, making it unique and effective.

Phallosan Forte has been on the market for more than a decade. Many appreciate this vacuum pump device which pulls the penis to lengthen its size. The gradual movement to stretch the male shaft is safe and effective.

Its manufacturer publishes data from scientific studies and experimental tests, proving that the Phallosan Forte male enhancement pumps technology shines in both safety and comfort. You can practically wear it for 12 hours or more.

The advantages of using Phallosan Forte Penis Vacuuming Pumps Technology include:

  • Increases the penis’ size and length, adding pleasure during sex.
  • Corrects curved penis by gently pulling it back to its normal shape. The concept is compared to working out to gain lean muscles.
  • Increases blood circulation along penis chambers and stimulates pleasurable sensations.

To prove the excellent results of using Phallosan Forte, here are some facts based on actual user experience:

  • After 3 month of regular use, users with average penis lengths observe an increase of 2.4cm. They notice a 3.7 cm increase after 6 months of continuous use.
  • During the clinical trial period with 36 patients, there was this patient that achieved nearly 5 cm after 6 months (which is a wow result).
  • Men with average girths observe a 0.8 cm increase after 3 months. Of course, their penises’ girths again increased by 1.4 cm after 6 months.

Is Phallosan perfect for everyone? Unfortunately, it isn’t. Given its hefty price, those with limited budgets might not be able to benefit from this penile enlargement solution.

Still, for men searching for an effective, safe, and painless way to lengthen their shaft, Phallosan Forte penis enlargement pump might just be the perfect solution. It is so comfortable that you can use all throughout the day and even while sleeping.
FULL REVIEW HERE – Phallosan forte with Penis Pump Technology Review.

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SizeGenetics Review Penomet Premium Package Review PENOMET PENIS PUMP – Penomet male enhancement pump is water based, so it uses water to apply vacuum pressure. Unlike other penis pumps, penomet has five gaiters and these penomet gaiters provide different amounts of pressure according to your needs and comfort.

However, one question remains – does it really work?

The Penomet package contains the cylinder, gaiters, and pump. It is used for at least 15 minutes in the shower. With regular use, it can grow the penis by up to 2-3 inches, all while providing a 30-40% increase in girth. The use of water as a pump provides a proportional amount of pressure within the cylinder, making it safer for growing a straighter and larger penis. The five gaiters allow you to choose the pressure you want, unlike other penis pumps which can only provide one.

The result of using penis pumps, however, may be fast but not as permanent as that provided by other penis enhancers. The penomet product manual says that with regular use of about 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, in a span of 6 months, you may gain a larger size that can last for a long period.

The Penomet pump to treat erectile dysfunction is proven effective by many users. Penis pumps help the penis draw and maintain blood for a harder and lasting erection. By regular use, the penis gets exercised by drawing and maintaining an erection. It can, therefore, help relieve erectile dysfunction.

Does it have downsides?

As to be expected, it does. For one, regular use is necessary to achieve results – this isn’t an overnight solution to penile problems. Aside from that, it’s also rather a tad expensive, being sold at roughly $300.

Overall, as compared with other penis enhancers, Penomet is somewhat better since it uses a water pump that promotes an equal amount of pressure all throughout the shaft of the penis, making the growth symmetrical. As also mentioned, it diminishes erectile dysfunction. Most importantly though, it also helps grow a larger and longer penis.
FULL REVIEW HERE – Penomet Penis Pump Review.

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JesExtender ReviewBathmate penis pump review BATHMATES PENIS PUMP – The Bathmate Male Enhancement Pump is a hydro-based pump used for enhancing penis size and girth.

There are different Bathmate packages available – the beginner’s set, for the first time users, and the x-series sets for the more advanced users. A package includes the cylinder, a gaiter, and the pump.

According to bathmate users, the product can significantly increase the penis’ length by up to 5 inches in just 6 months; there’s also a 30% improvement in thickness. Just like other penis hydropumps, Bathmate is used for just 15 minutes a day in the shower. With regular use, results are gained faster.

Using Bathmate pump to treat erectile dysfunction is proven effective. It is a non-invasive technique that is safer and more affordable than surgical correction. Water stabilizes the pressure equally within the cylinder during application of vacuum pressure.

It helps the penis draw blood in its veins to create an erection. Through regular use, it exercises the penis, leading to harder and longer lasting erections.

Bathmate mobility gadgets are only available in the x-treme packages. These gadgets provide further options on how to use your device more efficiently. These include added comfort insert pads, shower straps, handball pumps, and many more.

The common disadvantage in using vacuum pressure for penile enhancement is that the result may not be permanent, although it may last long. But most men would love using vacuum pumps because it makes the penis grow larger and faster than other penis enhancement devices.

Overall, Bathmate is just like the other water pump penis enhancers. Their uniqueness lies in the differently-sized cylinders and the mobility gadgets that allow for more efficient usage. However, getting different cylinders is costly (yes, they’re sold separately) – depending on your goals and needs, you might eventually feel the need to purchase these add-ons.
FULL REVIEW HERE – BathMate Penis Pump Review.

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