Best Penis Enlargement Devices

Wanting a bigger penis? Feeling ashamed of your penile size that you wouldn’t even openly talk about it? Here are the best solutions to your problem.

To add an extra inch or two to your manhood, to increase the girth and erectile rigidity, try the under listed legitimate solutions ranging from pills and supplements to stretching devices and surgical procedures, penis exercises and enhancement with organic formulas to vacuum developers, grip devices, pumps and weights; the choice of technique to choose depending on clinical effectiveness, comfort and side-effects being the major factors you should consider.


Pills function only when the penis is in an erect state, to increase the blood-holding capacity of the penis for an erection that will last longer thus satisfying orgasms, boost testosterone production for higher libido and stronger sexual desire.

Featuring on the top-rated lists of penile-enlargement pills is VigRx Plus; a product of Leading Edge Health that guarantees penis growth, longer lasting erections also bears the responsibility for the results of enhancement.

Vimax pills, Natural Gain Plus, Maxirex, Pro Solution Pills, Sinrex, Sir Maximus and Virility Pills are notable names on the list of most reputable penis enlargement pills. However, no penis enlargement pills, patches and ointments have been demonstrated to be effective eternally.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders, also referred to as stretchers and traction devices work on the Jelq technique for penis growth (both in length and girth) by increasing blood pressure and circulation.

Constant tractions along the length of the penis are applied; the body will adapt and adjust by building up an generating healthier tissue cells thus the penis enlargement.

Depending on the total time the extender has been worn, the penis length and girth will have increased permanently. Extenders are as well a solution to a curved penis, as it straightens out a penis in as much as it elongates it.

Let’s take a look at SizeGenetics Penis Extender; it’s a product with an excellent reputation as it has been classified by the European Union Health Authorities as a Medical Device Type 1, has a 1-3 inches penis length gain, is doctor-approved, has no side-effects, has an excellent global reputation, guarantees your money back and costs just about $199.95. SizeGenetics Penis Extender utilizes a combination of high quality of the product and manual exercises as a physical technique to achieve the best results.

SizeGenetics, Jes-Extender, ProExtender and VimaxExtender and Phallosan forte are notable products with proven efficiency. From the commendable results of using penis extenders, doctors nowadays recommend them as a viable alternative to surgery.

Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures involve a penile lengthening implant as the most common technique. Here, the suspensory ligament is cut and an implant inserted to cover for the additional length.

This procedure however is claimed to increase the penile flaccid (non-erect) length without much increase in the erect length. Penile girth(thickness) increment surgeries can be performed alongside the lengthening procedure or independently; it involves injection of liposuctioned fat into the underside of the penile shaft or placing tissues supplied with blood vessels within the penile shaft.


As a conclusion, procedures for male enhancement vary widely and are under constant medical scrutiny, there being results of success or failure depending on the technique employed; its viability and effectiveness, comfort during and after use and the price as well since a suitable choice should guarantee your money back.