Best Penis Enlargement Methods

What are the Best Penis Enlargement Methods? A lot of so-called best male enhancement products flourish on the market today, but two methods – penis extenders and penis vacuuming pumps stand out from the rest. These are the methods supported by doctors and scientific studies — comparison table for best penis extenders below.

This best penis enlargement methods review will explain further why they are the best choices.

Best Penis Enlargement 2017 Reviews It must be noted procedures for male enhancement vary widely and are under constant medical scrutiny.

This evaluation is based on results of success or failure depending on the technique employed; its viability and effectiveness, comfort during and after use and the price as well since a suitable choice should guarantee your money back.

The Best Penis Extenders Out There – Table

This best penis enlargement methods review will explain the pros and cons of each available top penis extender today, albeit summary, with links at the bottom of each product review summary to the respective in-depth review pages.

This review also explains the best brands that you can try without risking your safety.

Phallosan forte

SizeGenetics Systems

Jes Extender

Pro Extender

Phallosan forte review SizeGenetics Systems review Jes Extender review Proextender Systems review
Product Official Site - Phallosan forte Official Site - SizeGenetics Systems Official Site - Jes Extender Official Site - Pro Extender
Company Orbisan Ltd., Germany - The Penis Enlargement Operations Capital of the World Manufactured by Jes-Extender in Denmark but owned by Permenda Ltd. (UK based company) DanaMedic ApS, Denmark. First penile traction system developed Developed by Dr. Jorn E. Siana (Denmark)of Jes-Extender fame for Leading Edge Health Inc.
First Results 14 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Max Results 180 days 180 days 180 days 180 days
Inches Gain Length flaccid: 3.7 cm; Girth Flaccid: 1.6 cm During Clinical trials after 180 days with 36 patients 30% in 180 days Length: 3.3; Girth: 1.2 after 26 weeks with 10 patients. Meaning upto 28% gains Length: 2.9; Girth: 1.2 in 180 days
Clinical Studies
Treats Erectile Dysfunction? A+ B+ B+ B+
Use of Medical silicon (anti alergic) YES No No No
Available in Pharmacies YES (Available in some Pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland No No No
Allergen-free Materials YES No No No
Integrated Traction Measurement
International valid patented System
Recommended by Doctors Many Leading Urologists. Experienced by Dr. Steven Morganstern, M.D. Director of Urological Services, Metropolitan Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia) Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. Specialist in General and Plastic Surgery Wendy Hurn, Dr. Jorn Ege Siana and many other Top Urologists Physicians in 29 countries, 60Public hospitals and private clinics
Money Back Guarantee 14 days; no questions asked. Also have 2 Years warranty 6-month guarantee Double your money back guarantee. Conditions apply. 187 days
Extra Bonuses 4 free sleeves in each package (1x S, 2x M, 1x L) - worth over 100 USD LOTS of extras, free shipping, and more including the Velcro-X worth $38.95 Offers free training program How To CD. The Original and Deluxe packages come with bottles of VigRx and Semenax pills
International Shipping
Shipping Shipping(Express) costs 25 USD Free Shipping 29 USD fixed for International orders Varied small shipping fees
Discreet packaging
Ordering Method Selected pharmacies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and some other European countries.Online as well Online, phone, letter or fax only Online, phone, letter or fax only Online, phone, mail or fax only
Paid by health Insurance YES. Can be paid for with health insurance in Germany No No No
Permanent Enlargement
Customer Support A+ A A A
Using metal telescopes NO
Phallosan forte review SizeGenetics Systems review Jes Extender review Proextender Systems review
$199.95 - $398.95
$239 - $1,399
$299.95 - $429.95
Buy Phallosan forte Buy SizeGenetics Systems Buy Jes-Extender Now Buy Proextender Systems Now

Explaining the top two (2) natural penis enlargement methods:

PE reviews Penis Extenders or Stretchers

The penis extender is the indisputable king of penis enlargement because the principle behind it is supported by many scientific studies, the most popular of which is the one conducted in the University of Turin. Many of the best penis extenders on the market are certified medical devices, making them usable for post-surgical purposes.

They are also used for the non-surgical treatment of some conditions, such as Peyronie’s disease (curved penis) and fractured penis.

As the penis is stretched in a span of several months, the cells also expand to adapt to the applied physical force. This results to a bigger penis in flaccid and erected states. Think of it as a workout regimen for the penis.

Biggest Advantage:

Medically supported – It works, but doctors do not wholly guarantee that you will have success with all penis enlargers. In fact, no penis enlargement method including surgeries guarantee anything. The only thing an extender guarantees is that it is supported by studies and scientific principles.

Biggest Disadvantage

Expensive – Penis extenders are the most expensive penis enlargement options of all. They usually sell at least $150 to as much as $500 per package.

PE reviews Penis Vacuum pumps

Pumps and extenders share the same principle of stretching the penis for hours every day throughout several months to make the changes permanent. Pumps use pressure to force blood to flow to the penis, resulting to forced stretching and temporary erection.

Although pumps are rarely regarded as medical devices, some procedures to treat penile problems also use this method.

Biggest Advantage:
Enhancement from within the penis – Using blood flow to expand the cells inside the corpora cavernosa results in harder and longer erections.

Biggest Disadvantage:
It is easy for a first-time user to pump too much, resulting in some minor tissue damage.

The Top Male Enhancement Products Review

Phallosan forte reviewPhallosan forte fda approved product Phallosan Forte – Phallosan Forte is claimed by many consumers as the best penis extender today because of the visible results and unparalleled comfort. It uses a unique vacuum protector technology to stretch the penis tissue slowly but firmly.

This action forces the cells to regenerate and reproduce, resulting to an increase in length and girth.
Read on to learn the different advantages and disadvantages that urge many users to call it the best penis enlargement method in the market.


  • Longer suction power – The suction cup design ensures that the pressure stays up to 12 hours (even when moving) but still leaves the glans and foreskin protected. The belt tension is also adjustable, so the tightness can be adjusted according to penis size.
  • Patency of technology – Phallosan Forte Penis Enlarger is currently the only patented orthopedic bell system in the world. The design is so unique that it can be classified both as a penis pump and extender.
  • During the clinical trials period with 36 patients, there was this patient that achieved nearly 5 cm after 6 months (which is a wow result). However, the average user gains length of 3.7cm and girth of 1.4 cm after 6 months.
  • Three-way penis extension – Not only does Phallosan Forte extend the penis lengthwise, but it also enlarges and straightens the entire penis, making it a possible treatment method for Peyronie’s disease (curved penis).
  • Painless application – Unlike with many penis extenders that use metal braces or rods, this product does not cause any pain at all for as long as the directions are carefully followed. Blistering is also not a problem, thanks to the uniquely designed suction cup that does not grip the penis from the back of the glans.
  • Long experience in manufacturing – The manufacturer has been making penis enlargers and extenders for more than 14 years. Their approved patency is just one proof of their dedication to quality and effectiveness.


  • Hefty price – A penis extender priced at almost $330 is not really surprising, especially with the numerous parts included in the package. However, there are many penis extenders sold for less than $300.


Phallosan Forte is definitely one of the best male enhancement products ever sold in the market. It rightfully belongs to the top of the list. The only thing that holds it back is its hefty price, but the quality is something to write home about.
FULL REVIEW HERE – Phallosan forte Review.

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SizeGenetics Review Sizegenetics Package SIZEGENETICS – The Size Genetics Penis Enlargement product is a male enhancement kit composed of a traction device, a DVD of penis exercise program, and a sex guide DVD.

The DVDs are more like extras, although the exercise program can work as a standalone male enhancement product.
Here is a comprehensive review of what many consumers believe to be the best penis extender available.


The extender device increases penis size by forcing cytokinesis. This is the process of using traction to force the penis to have microscopic tears. These tears will stimulate cells to regenerate as they heal, resulting to a longer penis and bigger girth.

The device looks like a tiny leg brace meant to stretch the penis several hours a day, every day. The penis is inserted to the device and the comfort strap is attached to the glans of the penis. You can use the silicone noose strap included in the package as an alternative.

When the device is not attached, you are directed to perform the penis enhancement exercises as demonstrated and explained in the DVD.


  • Easy to use – This penis enlarger is easy to attach and insert. It has extra accessories to make sure that you have an option as a way of strapping your penis to the device.
  • Comfort – The silicone components make it soft to the penis for the most part.


  • Occasional slippage – The straps sometimes lose their grip to the penis. The manufacturer usually sends free traction powder to solve this.
  • Possible blistering – Although it is comfortable to use in the first few days, it may still cause blistering as the length is extended.
  • Bulky appearance – It looks like a semi-erected penis in the pants. It may be uncomfortable to use in public.


SizeGenetics is not the best male enhancement product today, but it does rank higher than most types of penis extenders because of the improved comfort it provides. It is an extender worth considering.
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FULL REVIEW HERE – SizeGenetics System Review.

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JesExtender Review Jes-extender review JES EXTENDER – The Jes Extender Penis Enlargement device is one of the most popular brands of penis extenders in the market.

It works by stretching the penis slowly through cell regeneration.
This review explains why it is a leading brand for two decades.


  • Extensive clinical testing – JesExtender has been available since 1995. It basically started the trend and has since became the standard for penis extenders. It is usually called the best penis extender for this matter.
  • Certification for medical use – Since it is the first of its kind, it has been approved for post-surgical and non-surgical use for some penile problems including Peyronie’s disease (curved penis). It has been awarded with Class 1 CE (Certified Medical Device) for more than a decade already.
  • Pioneer in male enhancement clinical trials – Most of the clinical trials used by other penis enlarger brands are actually trials conducted by JesExtender researchers. It shows the manufacturer’s real commitment to product development.
  • Double money-back guarantee – The manufacturer is really confident in its effectiveness for penis enlargement. All unsatisfied consumers are guaranteed to have twice the amount of their money. The regular set comes with an unparalleled one-year guarantee, while the “elite edition” comes with an unbelievable two-year guarantee. The “silver” and “gold” editions are even more jaw-dropping as they come with a five-year guarantee.
  • 1000-hour guarantee – Men with Peyronie’s disease are guaranteed by the manufacturer to have a straight penis after 1,000 hours of use.


  • Occasional slippage – The glans of the penis shrinks from time to time. The grip is lost when this happens and the device is left hanging by the shaft.
  • Possible blistering – This is a common problem with this type of penis extender.


JesExtender is a strong candidate to be the best male enhancement product because of the quality of its design, mechanism, and material. Nevertheless, it also possesses some of the problems that most penis extenders have.
FULL REVIEW HERE – Jes Extender Review.

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ProExtender System ReviewProExtender System Review PROEXTENDER SYSTEM – The ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device’s holistic approach makes many think that it is the best penis extender in the market. Well, is it?

This comprehensive review will discuss everything you need to know before deciding on making a purchase.


The first component is the Pro Extender device. It is placed along the length of the penis to stretch it slowly throughout a period of several weeks. The device is extended every several days to force the penis to have microscopic tears. These tears force the cells to regenerate in a process known as cytokinesis.

The second component is the semen increasing pill. It is meant to increase semen volume and make ejaculation more powerful. It helps in maintaining erection longer and harder.

The third component is the enhancement pill. It boosts libido to produce the hardest erection possible. This happens when sex drive is so intense that even more blood is pumped towards the tip of the penis.
The fourth component is the exercise DVD. You have to follow the instructions in manually stimulating the penis.


  • All-in-one package – You get to save a lot of money by having four different male enhancement products. At the same time, you get to explore all options when it comes to penis enlargement.
  • Straightening effect – The device is a promising treatment for Peyronie’s disease (curved penis). It is a penis enlarger and medical device in one.


  • Too many components – Although you can save money in the process, it may still be inconvenient especially since you have to use the device, take pills religiously, and manually perform penis enlargement exercises daily.
  • Possible blistering – The device may cause blistering when extended.


The ProExtender System cannot be called the best male enhancement product for now, but it definitely is a product to try if you want to explore multiple options all at the same time.
FULL REVIEW HERE – ProExtender System Review.

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